Not your mom and dad’s RV

Yama draws inspiration from those who believe in quality over quantity, and appreciate a keen attention to detail along with beautifully functional design. We handcraft our vans with love; the same magical ingredient that our Grandmothers bake into their famous cookies.

We’re romantic about what we do. From designing and building our fleet, to handing you the keys, we believe that our passion shows through.

We have designed what we feel are the most BADASS OFF-GRID 4X4 Campervans out there, and we’ve done it by taking our time and putting in the dedication and passion that we would expect from a true artist. Whether you’re boon-docking around town or visiting a National Park, this van will get you there and keep you there.

We’re romantic about our fleet.

  • Each van has a story

  • Each van is irreplaceable

  • Each van makes an impact


Christopher Wallace

B.I.G. The one and only. The Notorious.

Like a first love, we have a special place in our hearts for our first Yama-van, Christopher. Driving him off the Mercedes lot made our countless hours of planning and ideas finally feel like a reality. We designed Christopher to be incredibly functional and capable, while maintaining a feeling comfort and beauty.


Leroy Brown

Bad, bad, Leroy Brown. Baddest man in the whole damned town. **link to blog about who LB is

This van has an energy about him that makes you feel safe, secure and keen to take on any road. Even though he was our second addition, he feels like a big brother to Christopher; a protector.


Yama Van

*link each to blog post and anatomy of Yama van*

  1. 4X4

  2. Hot water

  3. HOT Shower

  4. HUGE 91L water tank

  5. Composting Toilet

  6. Roof rack

  7. Cooktop

  8. Air Heater

  9. Heavy duty insulation

  10. Custom Leather Seats

  11. Fuel Efficient Turbo-Diesel Engine

  12. N