Not your mom and dad’s RV.

For your vanlife test-drive, we have handcrafted some of the most beautifully designed land yachts. These vans are equipped for any adventure and will keep you feeling cozy along the way.

Each van has a story

Each van makes an impact

Christopher Wallace:


The Notorious

Like a first love, we have a special place in our hearts for our first Yama Van, Christopher. Driving him off the Mercedes lot made our countless hours of planning and ideas finally come to life. We designed Christopher to be incredibly functional and capable, while maintaining a feeling comfort and beauty.

  • Sleeps 2

  • Full bathroom

  • Kitchen

  • Reading bench

  • Interior gear garage

  • 1 tree planted for every 100km you travel

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The Protector

Van design in progress - check back soon.

Named for her similarities to the iconic mountain that backdrops one of our favourite cities, Tokyo. Fuji is powerful, grey and unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Fuji has an energy about her that makes you feel safe, secure and keen to take on any road. Even though she was the second addition to our fleet, she feels like a big sister to Christopher; a protector.