Story telling is the most effective way to communicate deep, meaningful insights. People have been using story telling for thousands of years to convey purpose and we want to continue that ritual on our platforms. Through Instagram, Behind The Wheel, PINE Magazine, and our Blog, we are sharing our story and the inspiring stories of others living a lifestyle by design.

Welcome to the Yama ecosystem

Alex & Patrick - Our Story

“Everyday is a journey and the journey itself is home.”



Co-Founders: Alex & Patrick

Customer Service: Lani


Yama 山

Translation: Mountain

Origin: Japan

The Yama Nomad brand is the fusing of Japanese and Canadian cultures. Inspired by the Japanese attention to detail, keenness towards minimalism and purposeful design, many of our concepts and products are rooted in Japanese beginnings. Located in the basecamp to the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Yama is a homegrown, Canadian company. Our mission is to provide the most thoughtfully designed tools to empower people to live more freely. With our backyard being one of the most stunning Rocky Mountain landscapes, it only made sense to start with a product that will help people explore them far and wide.

Yama Nomad Manifesto