You’re hooked.

It’s ok, us too. Gone are the days of gas-guzzling RVs and plug-in campsites. We believe your vehicle should match your lifestyle - one focussed on keeping you fully immersed in your adventure of choice.

At Yama, we handcraft our vans with love; the same magical ingredient made famous by Grandmothers around the world. We’re romantic about what we do. From the first design sketch, to handing you the keys, we believe that our passion for our craft shines through.

We have designed the most functional and beautiful off-grid campervans, and we’ve done it by falling in love with the process. We aim for a truly home-like experience so you can lean into every adventure and rest easy with your mobile base-camp.

Custom conversion inquiries:

From wish lists to driving your tiny home off the lot, we guide you through the process of creating your dream Yama Van. To begin with, start by answering these three questions:

1. Will you be living in your Yama Van full-time or part-time?

2. What kind of equipment will you need to bring with you on the road?

3. What are the “must-haves” in your Yama Van design?

To inquire, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you within 24 hrs.

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