4X4, Arc'teryx and Macbooks

Why do we prefer Arc’teryx over Columbia?

Why do we opt for the Macbook Pro over the Macbook?

It’s the same reason we choose 4X4 over 2WD…

We hate limitations and crave freedom.

The way we spend our money says a lot about what we value. Some stay frozen in frugality, while others spend dizzily without sense. While we all live within different means, there must be a balance somewhere in the middle that allows us to make impactful purchases that align with our values and empower us.


Arc’teryx has set itself apart as the new standard for battle-tested adventure apparel. It’s a yard-stick of quality that competitors like Columbia are desperately chasing. By designing their products for the harshest of climates, and in conditions far worse than the average consumer would experience, they’ve built a product that goes beyond meeting the needs of their everyday customers. But there’s something magical about their process that deserves acknowledgement— it provides you with an undeniable confidence that you are prepared to thrive in any condition. This confidence smashes through your perceived limitations, and as Arc’teryx describes, “enables you to be fully immersed in the moment of doing, regardless of external conditions”. That feeling of knowing that you are completely prepared to take on the world is something that cannot be replaced. 


$250 more, 100% worth it. Walking into the Apple store, I knew exactly what I was leaving with—A 256GB 13" Macbook Pro. No —  I don’t edit tons of video footage or live on League of Legends, but I do rely on it every single day, and I need it to come through for me every single day. I expect the same performance as the hardcore mac user.

“Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles” — Steve Jobs

There’s something powerful about knowing you have the ability to go further if you choose. My laptop is an extension of me and knowing it’s capable of more empowers me to feel the same. If I want to learn a new skill and edit video, or see what the hype is about and play League of Legends, I know that I have the right computer for it. This freedom of experience is the second reason I opted for the Macbook Pro.

Yama logo.png

These tenets have been at our core since we began discussing the concept for Yama in August of 2018. We knew that the only way we were going to do this was if we did it right — 4X4, fully off-grid, beautifully designed campervans, with no expense spared. We hate limitations and crave freedom, and we have built our company with those same values.

Sayonara friends

Patrick Bruns